Can you say Bro Bernhard Achterberg?

14 Feb

Bernhard Achterberg was a son of the religious scholar, journalist and Unitarian Eberhard Achterberg and his wife Elizabeth, born Pusch.

During his high school and college he was an active member of the “League of German-Unitarian youth” (BDUJ), a confederate youth organization, the German Unitarians is close. He studied at the University of Kiel and engaged from the mid-1960s in higher education policy. Achterberg joined the SDS and was on the XXII. Delegates Conference held in September 1967 at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, took place in the 15-member “political committee of the SDS” is selected. The committee were out of it (as SDS delegates Kiel), five Berlin (including Bernhard Blanke , Rudi Dutschke and Christian Semler ), two Frankfurt ( Reimut rich and Helmut Schauer ), three Munich (including Elmar Altvater ), two Marburg (eg Frank Deppe ) and two Heidelberg delegates (including Eberhard Becker represented). The political committee has developed at the height of the student movement of the 1960s to the “power center” of the SDS and allowed that the SDS to “plan strategically and tactically operating core group” of Extra-Parliamentary Opposition (APO) against the emergency legislation was.

After his studies, Achterberg in various fields of social work practice act, and had contacts with the innovative psychiatry in England , Italy and Bulgaria . He was a research associate at the University of Goettingen, and since 1981 at the Department of Social Work at the University of Kassel , where he in 1983 with a thesis on JRR Tolkien and Carlos Castaneda, PhD.

His range of topics as a professor at the University of Kassel , in 1993 at University of Kassel has been renamed, was varied and included, among other things, psychological counseling , supervision , psychiatry , drug counseling and fringe work. He developed and taught their own methods , such as for social counseling and supervision, he instilled in for training. Achterberg was also involved off campus, for example, it was in September 1989 by the Kunstverein Alte Schmiede in Vienna invited and worked there for a multi-week international project with author.

His particular interest was the psychological drama!